Accurate Valiant 2-Speed Reels

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The Accurate Valiant series of reels has definitely made a name for itself in a relatively short amount of time Anglers have gravitated to the new line of lightweight powerful single and 2-speed reels for their angling needs With the introduction of the BV-300 single speed anglers saw the fit in their arsenal for this little work horse coupled with one of todays lightweight graphite Glass rods The 300 weighing in at 99 ounces holds 325 yds of 30 lb braid and gets 38 of retrieval per crank which with its combination of 61 gear ratio larger shaft and new torque arm equated to a little powerhouse for a variety of fishing West coast anglers were using them for Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna ranging from 15 to 20lb schoolie fish to 50 to 60lb breezers on both bait and jig They were pushing this small reel which was built for the challenge Rods with a medium to fast tip and a slower backbone were a perfect fit for hanging fish and taking the pressure off the angler and putting it back on the fish The light weight of the entire combo made it way more enjoyable yet the cranking power of this small reel was amazing The single speed BV-300 was the closest thing to a 2-speed in the minds of many of the anglers The ability to wind through the rod keeping it loaded was the key and could not be possible without a more parabolic rod for the job We had a lot of loyal Accurate anglers using them for large weedless baits for big calicos and fishing yellows on the flats with live bait This reel started a buzz that has continued with the addition of the bigger sizes The next Valiant out of the chute was the BV-400 size which was introduced in both single and 2-speed models This reel was highly anticipated by the public with the loyal 400 size users looking for a lighter more powerful reel to accomplish their fishing tasks and push the envelope with the influx of new gamefish in the Southern California bight The proto reels were filled with 50lb braid and loaded ont...