G Loomis NRX Fly Rod - NRX 10810-4

  • $675.00

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With the NRX fly rod, Steve Rajeff and G. Loomis have developed a fast, lightweight rod that defines powerful. The NRX Trout, available in line weights 3 to 6, is a precision tool meant to cast small dries and nymphs with pinpoint accuracy. When sight-casting to picky trout, throw this stick on a small river or stream where accuracy is the key to success. The NRX Saltwater/Big Game fly rod, in line weights 7 to 12, have the power to handle bonefish, redfish, permit, etc. on the flats. When necessary, the butt section can lift large fish. Also, a great rod choice when chasing steelies, largemouth bass, and carp on inland waters. Fast action Line just shoots off these rods Fabulous strength-to-weight ratio ...