G. Loomis NRX Salmon / Steelhead Fly Fishing Rod NRX 1207-4 Green

  • $805.00

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When youÆre fishing big water for salmon and steelhead, this rod is as good as it gets. Extremely lightweight - casts like a bullet - handles big fish exceptionally well, itÆs hard to imagine a rod so light can be so tough and have so much power. For managing heavy sinking lines, shooting heads and sink tips, its sensitivity will practically talk to you. It has exceptional mending ability and reacts quickly when a big fish does everything it can to get away. Generating unbelievably high line-speed to help when casting in the wind, if you want one rod to do a lot of things - especially when it comes to managing line and fighting big fish in tough places - this is our choice for sea-run browns, big winter steelhead and most of the salmon species. Rod Length: 10', Pieces: 4, Line Weight: 7, Power: Stiff, Taper: Fast