G loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAMR1265C

  • $375.00

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G. Loomis Salmon Mooching Fishing Rod SAMR1265C is a longer, more powerful mooching rod designed for king salmon. It allows you to spread out lines to fish multiple set-ups without outriggers or downriggers and it will allow you to use even longer leaders if necessary. like all G. Loomis mooching rods, the lure ratings on this rod reflects an effective range for trolling or mooching. It will handle about half of that weight for overhand casting..   *Comes with the G. Loomis Rod Warranty - "Zero Cost" with American Legacy Fishing program.

  • Length - 10'6 in.
  • Pieces - 2
  • Line Weight - 10-40
  • Action - Moderate
  • Power - Heavy