G loomis Steelhead Fishing Rod STR1263C Gl3

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G. Loomis Steelhead Fishing Rod STR1263C GL3 is a nice blend of power and finesse in an extra-long drift rod. It's designed specifically for the big rivers of British Columbia where you need a little more sensitivity to detect the subtle take of a steelhead. It has a medium power rating that makes it ideal for summer steelhead and the small fall salmon species. GL3 gives you a great combination of strength and sensitivity. light enough to fish all day, tough enough to last a lifetime! The extra power of the 1263 will get you steelhead in larger rivers-especially drift fishermen who require long casts to reach those slots on the far bank. This rod is powerful enough for light-duty mooching for silvers, and it's an especially good float rod.   *Comes with the G. Loomis Rod Warranty - "Zero Cost" with American Legacy Fishing program.