Oakley Frogskin Lite Replacement Lens - Prizm

  • $80.00

Available in store only

Oakley Frogskin Lite replacement lens is a easy way to upgrade your Oakley Frogskin Lite sunglass frames with the very latest Oakley Prizm lens tints. With easy & quick interchangeability and available in many different Prizm tints & Polarized options you have come to the right place for premium Oakley Prizm replacement lens. Whether you';re replacing well used lenses or are adding to your quiver of tints for different conditions we have every Oakley Frogskin Lite lens that you could need. Go ahead and score a set of authentic Oakley Frogskin Lite Replacement Lens from Action Sport Optics a trusted leader in Sport & Lifestyle Optics. Lens Compatibility: Oakley Frogskin Lite Replacement Lens is compatible with Oakley Frogskin Lite sunglass frames. Oakley HDO - High Definition Optics: Oakley Frogskin Lite Prizm replacement lenses are High Definition Optics that deliver top level performance for the most active lifestyles & elite level athletes with ease! If you are looking for the sharpest clarity & most accurate vision available Oakley Prizm Replacement lens is at the top of the class. Oakley HD Polarized: Oakley Prizm Replacement lens is available with elite Polarization on select lens options. When it comes to glare reducing Polarized lens products Oakley is in a class of their own with Oakley Prizm Polarized. Oakley Prizm Replacement Lens that are Polarized obliterate the glare from the water snow road & other surfaces leaving you with 100% protection & optical clarity that can';t be denied. Oakley Prizm Replacement lens with Polarization are simply the industry leading benchmark of Polarized lens technology. About Oakley Prizm Lens Technology: Oakley Prizm lenses are a industry leading lens technology that are tuned for specific sports & environments if you are looking for the ultimate lens that delivers visual detail the truest optical clarity

  • Oakley Frogskin Lite Replacement Lens
  • Compatible & Interchangeable w Oakley Frogskin Lite Sunglass Frames
  • Authentic Oakley Prizm Lens
  • Polarized Select Options
  • Impact + Scratch Resistant