SHIMANO Coltsniper Twitch Hi-Pitch - Sinking - Weight 80g/2.82oz - Red White

  • $9.99

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The Coltsniper Twitchbait is a versatile lure that has an attractive darting action created by simply twitching the rod tip during the retrieve. The glass fiber construction allows the lure to emit a high-pitched rattling sound that will attract fish from a distance, especially in murky water conditions. The lure comes in both a floating and sinking version allowing it to be used in variety of conditions. With its wire-through construction and new high-durability 3X hooks the Coltsniper Twitchbait will stand up to any fish it encounters.

  • Swimming twitchbait designed with a glass fiber body for an attractive high pictch sound. Comes in both floating and sinking model
  • Color: RED\WHITE
  • Length: 80mm-3 1/8in - Weight: 15g-1/2oz
  • Depth: SUB-SURFACE