SHIMANO Stella FI High Speed Spinning Reel

  • $819.99

Available in store only

What Makes Stella FI Different?

G-Free Body

Purpose of this body is to move the oscillation system from its usual place down below the drive gear to the more center of the reel. This will improve reel balance by bringing the reel weight closer to hands which will in turn eliminate any wobble during the retrieve.

MicroModule Gear System

Now the main and pinion gears will have micro-teeth on them that will improve gear alignment and put out more torque and power. Better contact with the lure and less vibrations are guaranteed.


The concept of Coreprotect is simple to provide water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling. There are three key areas of the reel that require protection; the roller clutch, the body and the line roller.

S-Direct Drive System

Handle screws right into the drive gear improving power transfer and reducing the wear and tear on critical parts. In addition, new anti-reverse system which decreases friction and makes rotating the handle easier is included too.

The Most Visually Stunning Stella

The Stella FI is the most visually stunning Stella that Shimano has introduced to date. The FI takes things to another level when it comes to styling.

Spinning reels for the most part possess a very simple and familiar layout, and yet the Stella FI elevates that profile by craftily mixing angles with curves, and making it difficult to see where one starts and the other begins.

The effect is awesome, and the reel’s lines are so fluid that the design channels liquid metal.

  • GEAR RATIO - 6.2:1; WEIGHT - 9.3 oz
  • LINE RETRIEVE - 37.4; MAX DRAG - 24.2
  • MONO LINE CAPACITY - 10/186, 12/164, 14/136; PowerPRO LINE CAPACITY - 15/280, 30/170, 50/150
  • BEARINGS - 13+1