SHIMANO Tiagra Reels

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Shimano Tiagra Reels are widely accepted as the ultimate offshore reels by captains worldwide because of their durability and superb performance against the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean With the introduction of the newer Shimano Tiagra A series of reels an improved ratcheting lever drag was introduced allowing for more precise drag adjustments along with an improved 2-speed gearing system Shimano Tiagra A Series Reels Tiagra 12 and Tiagra 16 excluded received an offset ergonomic power grip that gives anglers more leverage For over 20 years now Shimano has been leading the way in the offshore lever drag trolling market Shimano has listened to Anglers and Captains world wide and developed a series of lever drag reels for trolling and live bait applications that are second to none Shimano Tiagra reels can be found the world over From Africa to Mexico Australia to North Carolina Shimano Tiagra reels are standard equipment on the worlds finest yachts Shimano Tiagra reels have proven their durability and ease of service from day 1 With over 25000 reels in service since inception these reels are built saltwater tough Shimanos impeccable gearing system is both smooth and lockup solid at the same time Drag range on the Tiagras is a thing of beauty and the ability to play these reels from only a few pounds of drag above free spool to 70lbs+ at full allows anglers targeting trophy game fish the control to present lures and baits under optimal conditions assuring sucessfull hookups and captures This might all sound like lip service but it makes a difference When your 200 miles offshore and you have that trophy fish on the line have confidence in Shimano Tiagra game reels A full range of Shimano Tiagra rods and reels are available for All fishing applications