St. Croix Wild River Spinning Rods

  • $199.99

Available in store only

What are you looking at? Traffic, a few stoplights and some nut job in a Mercedes texting his wife? A steelhead has mile after nautical mile filled with predators. Dams. And then some fisherman armed with a Wild River® rod. Featuring 38 unique, specialized lengths, actions and powers to cover any situation, Wild River rods are built on stunning blanks with a rich gold dust green metallic finish. You’ll even find Downrigging and Kokanee categories in the mix. Be happy you’re not a fish.

  • Premium-quality SCII graphite.
  • Downrigging and Kokanee models also feature super premium, 100% linear S-glass.
  • Designed specifically for salmon and steelhead angling.