Yakattack Parknpole 6 ft Stakeout Pole (Pnp6)

Yakattack Parknpole 6 ft Stakeout Pole (Pnp6)

  • $69.95

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YAKATTACK PARKNPOLE STAKEOUT POLE 6 FT Used as a stakeout/push pole for kayaking, this product has many great features including a floating base, a fiberglass body and a foot and tip that are UV stable and made of wear-resistant nylon. Lightweight and incredibly durable, this product makes the perfect companion for fishing in shallow waters. KEY FEATURES

Acts as an anchor in shallow water

Constructed of specially formed fiberglass

The tip and foot are UV and wear resistant

Easy maneuvering on the water

  • Foot for paddling
  • Tip for staking into the ground
  • 6 ft long
  • .845 in Diameter Tubing