Yakattack Track Mount Vertical Tie Downs 2 Pack (AAP-1025)

Yakattack Track Mount Vertical Tie Downs 2 Pack (AAP-1025)

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YAKATTACK VERTICAL TIE DOWNS TRACK MOUNT - 2 PACK The YakAttack Track Mount Vertical Tie Downs come with a Mighty Bolt base that fits in any YakAttack GearTrac, MightyMount or most other factory installed track systems. Perfect as an anchoring point to secure a cooler or any other accessory to the track. Designed to work with 1 and 1.5 inches flat webbing and can also be used with bungee. Made in the USA from premium materials for a lifetime of use in even the harshest environments. The YakAttack Vertical Tie Down 2 Pack is an easy way for you to strap down anything on your vessel.KEY FEATURES

2 tie-downs

Weight: ~1 oz each

Marine Resistant Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Polymer

Serves as a way to secure fishing gear to your kayak

  • Included 2 tie downs
  • Mighty Bolt base included; GearTrack not included
  • Compatible with all YakAttack GearTrac as well as most factory installed track systems using 1-1.5 in flat
  • Webbing cam straps
  • Marine Grade Polymer
  • Marine Resistance Stainless Steel